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Friday, August 3, 2012

Meetcha Day!

Yesterday was the big day and it was perfect.  We arrived at the Tranisition Home and our little guy came out to meet us.  They had told him we were coming and he was sooo excited to see us.  He has the most fun, lovable personality.  We brought him a light-up ball that he wasn't sure about at first but soon was giggling the best little giggle as we played together.  We got out the photo album we sent him a couple weeks ago and he said all of his brothers and sisters names and then wanted to show it off to everyone who would look, guards, nannies, other adoptive families.  We had such a sweet time with him but it was very short because we had a plane to catch. 

Before we went to the airport we went to lunch.  This was our first restaurant experience in Ethiopia.  The food was delicious and the portions quite large.  Our total bill for two dinners, including tip was 190 birr which is equivalent to just over $10.  We went on and on about how cheap the meal was.  As we were at the airport waiting for the plane we were asking our guide about his family and he told us about his mother, whom he is very proud of.  She has been working the same job (maid, basically) for over 30 years and when she started she only made 30 birr/month but she now makes 600birr/month.  I instantly thought of our lunch and my stomach sank as I thought about how we bragged about the cheap meal, which actually cost 1/3 of a hard working woman's monthly wages. 

We got to Mekele, the region our boy is from, in the evening and went right to sleep.  I will write about that experience in the next post.

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