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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day Six - Traditional Dinner

We spent the morning with our sweet, sweet boy today.  We played outside mostly but decided to go in his room for a little while.  There are about 15 toddlers in there and they all soak up the extra attention.  He was happy to show off his family pictures to his nannies (becoming a daily routine) so while he did Michael and I sat on the floor and our laps were instantly full.  When he saw that we were swarmed he went off in a corner with his pictures.  I called him over and he came and wedged himself between me and the girl on my lap, pushed me back on the mattress and layed on my chest, hugging tightly.  We've seen him not want to share his new toys and he obviously does not want to share us, either.

After lunch we went back to the guest house to rest because we knew it would be a late night and we have court in the morning.  Most families went back to the Transition Home and we were told later that he kept looking for us.  Good thing is, we'll be back tomorrow to love on him some more.  Bad thing is, after Wednesday we won't be back for a couple months.  Lord, sustain our hearts in our time apart.

This evening we enjoyed a traditional dinner, complete with singing and dancing.  It was a blast (minus the part where they pulled me up to dance).  I don't think I'll be able to cook like that for our little guy, but I did buy some berbere that I can sprinkle on everything!

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